Frequently Asked Questions for Students

1.  Does the seminary student have to be from the Alabama-West Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church?

Yes. The student must be from the Alabama-West Florida Conference, or take specific action while enrolled in seminary to transfer and serve in the Alabama-West Florida Conference.

2. What is the cash scholarship distributed to each student?

The minimum cash scholarship for each full-time seminarian, studying on campus is $10,000 per year.

3. Is the scholarship renewable annually?

As long as the seminary student meets the academic requirements as a full time student in seminary, the scholarship is renewable.

4. How do I receive my scholarship?

The cash scholarship is sent directly to each student.

5. What about on-line seminary students?

Scholarships are available for on-line seminary students at a reduced amount.

6. What is the uniqueness of this scholarship program for seminary students?

Quarterly cash scholarships are sent DIRECTLY to each student for books, tuition, and other living expenses. Seminary students are made aware of the donors that made the gift possible.

7. Are additional funds ever available to students for specific/special needs?

From time to time, additional funds are made available to assist students with special needs that emerge. For example, these needs may be to offset costs related to student-based travel; to help meet unexpected expenses; or to defray fees for service learning opportunities that enhance preparation for ministry. If you feel you have a need that would meet these qualifications, you are invited to email us and request an application for the “Stegall Scholarship Fund for Special Needs.” All applications for this fund are reviewed quarterly by the Stegall Scholarship Foundation Scholarship Committee.

8. Who do I write or call for questions?

E-mail Dr. Karl K. Stegall  or call him at 334-233-5655. The mailing address of the Foundation is:

P. O. Box 242661, Montgomery, Alabama 36124.


Frequently Asked Questions for Donors


1. What ways can I give?

There are a many ways that you can give to the Foundation—online donations; cash; checks; stocks; bonds; codicil to will; planned giving; IRA’s; insurance policies; annuities established through our United Methodist Foundation in Dothan (Ala.) with our Scholarship Foundation named as beneficiary; property; matching gifts from employers of donors; etc.  Some donors have chosen to make gifts of good used cars.

2. Can I give weekly, monthly, or annually?

We have donors that choose to give in all of these ways.  More and more of our donors are choosing to make monthly gifts through bank drafts. Some have chosen to become “Seminary Partners” with annual gifts of $10,000 to underwrite our minimum annual scholarship for one student.

3. How much of my gift is used for administrative costs?

The beauty of our scholarship program is that the overhead costs are very minimal.  We have no office rent.  Our few expenses go for reimbursement of travel, part-time staff assistance, printing of brochures, and postage.  It is estimated that less than 2% goes for administration.

4. Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes.  The IRS has granted our Foundation a 501(c)3 non-profit status, and all gifts to our Foundation are tax deductible.

5. Can I make a gift in honor or memory of someone?

Many of our donors choose to make gifts in memory or in honor of special people in their lives.  An acknowledgement card is sent out in a timely manner.

6. Who do I write or call for questions?

E-mail Dr. Karl K. Stegall  or call him at 334-233-5655. The mailing address of the Foundation is: P. O. Box 242661, Montgomery, Alabama 36124.

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